Email protection made easy.

No software installation. No hassles.
All email clients. All devices.

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Next Generation Email Security.

easy to use

Easy to use.

Email security without the hassles. Safemail is compatible with all major email clients, devices and with other email providers. No changes in software, usage pattern, processes needed.


Award winning security.

Safemail secures email during transport and storage. Safemail stores data in the award winning zero-knowledge DocRAID storage. Not even administrators can read clear text data.


For teams and enterprises.

On-premise, in your data center or off-premise on our metal. Out-of-the-box security-policies guarantee a quick start. No Software Rollout, no software maintenance.

Security and simplicity? Made possible by Safemail.
Safemail protects your emails without interrupting your workflow.


Expiration date.

Attachments get an expiration date. After they expire, they can no longer be retrieved. Optionally the entire email gets an expiration date. That can be one day or one year.


Delivery alerts.

Track the delivery of your email. You will be alerted as soon as your email has been retrieved. Set custom alerts.


Send large emails and attachments.

Share large files with Safemail
The Safemail detachment solution takes away the pain from handling large files.


Receive secured files.

Accept and send large attachments directly through the Safemail gateway in a secure transparent manner. Even if the sender is not a Safemail client.


Keep your legacy email adress.

No need to change your email adress. Friends, clients, customers, patients do not have to use a new email adress to reach you.


Secured during transport and storage.

Encrypted transport and stored in our award winning zero-knowledge DocRAID storage. Not even administrators can read clear text content..


Change your email after you sent it.

Ever pushed the send button and regretted it immediatelly? With Safemail you can always add, delete, change attachments or the entire email even after you hit the send button.


Multi-client capability.

One system - many clients. With Safemail you can integrate many clients within one system. Safemail integrates seamlessly with your DocRAID multi-client enterprise file sharing solution.


... more security features

e.g. security-policies out-of-the-box, 2-factor-login, spam, malware, ransomware protection.


Safemail for teams and enterprises

Safemail is a highly flexible solution to protect your email communication. Safemail can be deployed in minutes. No changes neccessary at email clients, usage patterns or processes.


On-premise or off-premise.

Flexibel hosting either in your data center or on our metal. Use Safemail as a secure email relay or as a crypto gateway. Take away load from your IT systems. Seamless integration into your legacy IT and security-architecture.


No PKI neccessary.
AD integration.

No elaborate public key infrastructure (PKI) neccessary. Safemail integrates with your active-directory (AD). Reduced complexity means high acceptance.


DLP and security-policies out-of-the-box.

Data-loss-prevention (DLP) and best practice security-policies for healtcare, finance, production, and many more industries. Our team supports you developing individualised security-policies.

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Safemail integrates with our multi-award-winning DocRAID enterprise file sharing system. Your data is save with DocRAID. This is why we got awards from these international corporations and institutions:

IKT Innovativ 2013 SAP IKT Innovativ 2013 Siemens IKT Innovativ 2013 Empolis IKT Innovativ 2013 BMWi

Grants4Apps 2014 Bayer           Volkswagen 2015

European Commission IPACSO 2015

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